【10 Awards Categories】
[1] Shopping Space
  shops, retail outlets, showrooms, department stores, food markets,
shopping centres, hairdressers etc.
[2] Food Space
  cafes, bars, lounges, restaurants, canteens etc.
[3] Work Space
  reception areas, offices, studios, warehouses, factories etc.
[4] Public Space
  museum/gallery (not included sole exhibition within the museum space) concert halls, theatres, exhibition venues, apartment/ hotel lobbies, places of worship, educational institutions, health centres, medical institutions, libraries, community centres, consulates, law courts, parliamentary buildings, atriums, forum spaces, airports, railway stations etc.
[5] Installation & Exhibition Space

exhibitions within the gallery/ museum, promotional displays, set design, trade exhibitions, sales offices provided by realty developers, marquees, installations, merchandising etc.

[6] Living Space
  apartments, private houses, housing developments etc
[7] Leisure & Entertainment Space
  spas, swimming pools, casinos, clubs, cinemas, health clubs, gyms,
fitness centres etc.
[8] Hotel Space
  Commercial hotels, budget hotels, city hotels, resort hotels etc.
(hotel lobby area is considered as Public Space)
[9] Sample Space
  show flat provided by realty developers to create an environment on
actual building site or offsite prototype to promote the sales of the
[10] Student
  design project assigned by the university or design school
【Awards categories】
ONE Gold, ONE Silver, ONE Bronze and TWO excellences for each category.