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Mr. Hiromu Hasegawa

・JCD (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association) President
・Nonprofit Organization Sapporo Design School CEO
・Hokkai-Gakuen University adjunct professor
・Origin of floral art IKENOBO
・The Urasenke Tradition of Tea

Hasegawa was born in 1966 in AOMORI-prefecture, Japan. He established ATELIER TEMMA CO., LTD. in 1990.
He has designed more than 900 project such as Hotel, Clinic, and Restaurant, etc.
He has been working on not only interior design, but also branding of the project until its opening and value the partnership with clients.
ATELIER TEMMA is a design office which engages in various works, such as space, furniture, product, architecture, café management, and design school etc., seeking and realizing the essentially and originality of the creative ideas in each project.
In addition, Hasegawa has been working on leadership training of traditional culture and art of Japan as a member of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea and Origin of Floral art Ikenobo.