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Mr. Tony Chi

Renowned for creating the most finest and memorable experiences in hospitality throughout the world, Tony Chi's commitment and passion comes has deep roots in the tradition of hospitality which exists within each culture and society and within our own selves as well. In the direct words of Tony,

"Hospitality is a tradition, an experience, a form of communication found in all cultures and sacred traditions. It is inherent within our character abiding within each of ourselves and is expressed wherever and whenever human beings interact. Hospitality is not exclusive to a particular time and place. It creates the most unforgettable memories formed by the most extraordinary and the most ordinary moments of our lives.  Creating the ultimate hospitality experience is an art that requires passion. "

Born in Taiwan and raised in New York from an early age, Tony Chi observed the differences of cultures but also their common similarities and aspirations.  His interest in design formed at an early age from his passion to draw. Drawing was a means of communication. The interest evolved into the study of geometry and its influence in architecture and design. Ultimately, Tony Chi became a designer as he was intrigued with the opportunity to explore how design can "build a soul" within a space and property. Since his youth, Tony Chi observed how hotels properties and hospitality environments created defining moments in people's lives for being centers of family gatherings, weddings, reunions and a memorable travel destination.

Since establishing tonychi and associates in 1984, Tony Chi has approached each project not only as a designer but a creative developer, an operator and a lifestyle visionary. tonychi and associates  has been passionately committed to the create the finest and most genuine hospitality experiences .  The studio's collaborations have evolved iconic brand names such Park Hyatt, Intercontinental,  Rtiz Carlton. Tony Chi has also created the stage for new brand hospitality names such as Andaz 5th Avenue completed in 2010.

Recent projects in the last several years include Park Hyatt Shanghai, Rosewood London,  Intercontinental Geneva, Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou.

For Tony Chi, the greatest experience in hospitality is creating the stage for a memorable experience that remains within ourselves in our memories and even elevates our expectations in our daily lives throughout our lifetimes.